Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Five best tips to Generate Traffic without Google

Annzo Corporation: Directing traffic on Google SERPs is one of the prime motives for a successful internet marketing campaign. And this is also one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Google algorithm works in mysterious way which is entirely hidden from its users but there is a lot of information available by Google in order for business owners to understand what are the ways that they need to take care of it. Every time there is a shift in Google algorithm or update a lot of businesses go out of range dropping way down in SERPs leaving them nowhere.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Five important Tips to Protect Your Brand’s Identity

Annzo Corporation: Being a small company you’re first and foremost objective should be to save your brand identity. And make sure that they brand you are authentically selling in the market should be selling with your company’s identity. With so much going around, it’s sometimes difficult to focus on little thing which are in real very important to look upon because your brand image is the most important factor in determining your company’s success.And that is the main reason you should give prime importance for its protection in the market. Let’s briefly look into what brand and brand identity is? Brand as explained by American Marketing Association is any name, symbol, term, design or any other feature that identifies a sellers good or services different from other sellers in the market. Brand is what helps public to identity your business products and services and basically it’s the symbol of the personality of your company as whole.