Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Google Maps Listing Tips

With the advent of universal search, it is important to gain control of your Google map listing and optimize for local search. Universal search is above the natural search in many cases, so it is worth the effort.
Take control of listings through the local business center Asks your name, address and phone number and then it will show you similar names or locations already in Google maps. You can claim one of these announcements or tell Google to add you as a new listing. You must validate your listing to receive a postcard sent to your address or phone calls to the number in the list. Google will give you an identification number for verification. Or you can validate a batch of large ad to load a data file with 10 or more listings of all validated automatically.
Once validated, you can edit your listing. Get rid of duplicate ads. If your local business address is wrong that you can report errors although, but could take months for corrections to make. There is also a help in group.
How to optimize your Google Local/maps corrected listing:
• Keywords on behalf of your company
• Key words for use in his description of the business
• Key words for use in their search for the city, Trip Advisor, online reviews, list of Judy and other web 2.0 sites
• Add the name of your city in the text of the link especially from local Web sites
• Your ranking will show greater based on proximity to the search location (Universal Search gives less weight to proximity)
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