Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Five important Tips to Protect Your Brand’s Identity

Annzo Corporation: Being a small company you’re first and foremost objective should be to save your brand identity. And make sure that they brand you are authentically selling in the market should be selling with your company’s identity. With so much going around, it’s sometimes difficult to focus on little thing which are in real very important to look upon because your brand image is the most important factor in determining your company’s success.And that is the main reason you should give prime importance for its protection in the market. Let’s briefly look into what brand and brand identity is? Brand as explained by American Marketing Association is any name, symbol, term, design or any other feature that identifies a sellers good or services different from other sellers in the market. Brand is what helps public to identity your business products and services and basically it’s the symbol of the personality of your company as whole.
Now how the brand identity works there? Just think about it for a moment, will twitter and facebook have the same little blue bird as a symbol? Or Nike and Swoosh would have the same tagline “Just Do it”? After having the brand identity it’s very important that no other company takes that away from you’re because this is what representing your products and services out there in the market.
There are number of things that play important role in protecting your brand identity:
1.      Domains: Getting a domain name for your website is one step towards protecting your brand identity and it’s also one of the most important tasks. It secures your business identity online, plus it’s very cost effective. GoDaddy for example offers domains names at the rate of $12.99 which is relatively very cheap. Domains make is it easier for your consumers to search for your brand online. Recently Google has also started this service of offering domain names. Your domain name should be different and unique, something that creates an edge for your business services and products.
2.      Copyrights: If you have created any work on your own and it’s original for example a name, logo or music, you should get it copyrighted. By this you make sure that no one else illegally uses your original representation of business.
3.      Patents: Patent is also another way of securing your original representation of business, it actually excludes others to use, sell or use for sale out of the country your business belong to. But what makes patent different then copyright is that it has an expiration date. And you have to renew it at the time of expiration.
4.      Trademarks: According to the United States Patent and trademark office, “a word, a phrase, symbol, and or design that identifies your business and distinguishes your business goods and services from others” is what trademark represents. Trademark puts a particular symbol for your good and services for consumers to notice.
5.      Legal Assistance: all that said above to hiring employees and getting signed is a little complicated process and best done when you get legal assistance for your business good and services. The best thing is time saver and there can be a lot of important information that you might be missing that a legal assistance can address.
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  1. Register a trademark first step is trademark search. After completed trademark search you are ready for the application. Registered trademark protect your brand name by using it from others.